20 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting “San Sebastián”.

1. Check the Weather in Basque Country and Pack Accordingly

2.  Pre-load a Visitor D-Bus Card

  • 6 viajes/ 9€
  • 12 viajes/ 16€

3. Travel at Off Peak Times

  • Low season is between October and May and high season is between May and September.
  • Not only will you be able to skip some of the crowds during low season, accommodation and entertainment rates will be cheaper.

4. Book your San Sebastian Hotel prior to Arriving

5. Compare nearby airports flights

6. Hire a D-Bizi Bicycle

7. Eat Pintxos

Experiment an excelent gastronomic experience with our “Pintxo Tour” in BASCOMING.

8. Visit the Top Basque Country Markets

  • La Brecha
  • San Martín
  • Mercado Tolosa
  • Mercado Ordizia

9. Go Shopping

Av. Libertad is the main High Street in Donostia, where are located the most international brands such as Chanel. In the same bar you can also find national stores such as Zara, Adolfo Dominguez, Mango, etc.

If you want something a little more unique (vintage perhaps?) head to Gros, where shops such as Little Lola, Oh la la, Vintage closet, Pukas, Hawai… join forces to tantalise all your shopping taste buds.

10. Do NOT Hire a Car in San Sebastian

Basque country is a well connected country, so you will not need to rent a car. If your intention is to visit the big cities, you will not need to rent a car. If you want to go in search of the most absolute nature, maybe it will come well but there are enough alternatives.

11. Explore Further than San Sebastian

Barely 2000 square meters, a little more than a city like London, manages to hold a cosmopolitan capital such as San Sebastián, a traditional culture and the oldest language in Europe, 86 km of versatile coastline and a lush green, maze-like countryside. Here are five experiences you won’t want to miss when you visit San Sebastian Region.

  • Txakoli experience
  • D-Pintxos
  • Cider houses
  • Basque Nature
  • St James Way hiking

12. Eat in a Traditional Basque restaurant

With its nearly 40 Michelin starred restaurants, the Basque Country is one of the best fine dining destinations in the world. From traditional to experimental dishes, it’s all here.

13. Go to These Places For Unique San Sebastian Views…

  • Monte igueldo
  • Monte Ulia
  • Tabakalera
  • Urgull: Sagrado corazón
  • Palacio Miramar
  • Catedral Buen Pastor
  • Paseo Miraconcha
  • Muro Sagues
  • Club Real Tenis…

14. Remember, it’s not as Cheap as it Looks…

San Sebastian is a luxurious destination so the prices are high.

15. Explore San Sebastian’s Parks

Take advantage of well kept parks around Donostia to go for a walk, breath in some fresh air, take a nap, lie in the sun, have a picnic, hang out with friends and all the other things you can do in huge open spaces.

16. Tipping In Basque Country Is Not Mandatory

Tipping in Spain/Basque Country may not be considered customary, but there are certain places when it’s acceptable to leave a few coins. A good rule of thumb is to skip the tip at cheaper restaurants and leave up to 10 percent when service exceeds expectations in upscale dining establishments.

17. Take Advantage of Pintxo Pote on Thursdays.

As its actual name suggests, this is an initiative set up by bars and restaurant to offer a combination of a pintxo and a pote (Basque word to refer a drink) at an affordable price served on specific days of the week (Thursdays) for a certain amount of time, usually two or three hours.

18. Do Some Background Research…

Agencies such as Bascoming, will help you to organize your trip to maximize your stay in our territory.

19. Emergency Dial is…


20. You can Drink the Tap Water

The tap water in Basque Country is perfectly clean and won’t harm you if you drink it.

It taste so good so you don’t need to buy 2€ water bottle.